S2R: Covid-19 Statement

In line with current government guidelines, S2R building and workshops will closed to the public from 17.03.20.

For the following 4 weeks we will be adopting a regular review of the situation and following further guidance from the Government.


S2R staff will continue to find creative ways to work and keep in touch with our attendees  - check out our website and Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) for new resources, videos and opportunities.

Please be kind to each other, look out for your neighbours and get in touch if you need to! 


Contact @s2r.org.uk

The Great Outdoors Project related enquiries - 07541 095455    10am till 4pm

General S2R related enquiries – 07933353487     10am till 4pm

S2R Create Space is Kirklees based charity. We offer a wide variety of creative, outdoors, well-being and mindfulness sessions with the aim of helping to improve your well-being and mental health.         


We host regular exhibitions from local artists as well as a hosting courses, workshops, meeting and events for local community groups, eductaional instituations and local organisations. 

Annual Reports




"From my bit of anxiety...

it helped me a lot being outside"

"It gets you back in touch with nature"

"I’ve gained a sense of connectivity

with myself, others and nature"

We encourage everyone to be in the outdoors through our courses, workshops and taster sessions, as way to relax, be creative, play and improve their well-being. Activities include natural crafts, mindfulness, outdoor cooking, beekeeping, growing and walks.

We can offer you support if your wanting to attend our sessions or other outdoor groups and volunteering opportunities, through making travel plans or making introductions.




"Really enjoyed attending workshopsit allows me time that I need"

"Enjoyable sessions,

well supported"

"Love being able to

be creative"

We offer many different opportunities for people to engage with creativity, through various workshops and courses, led by local artists, promoting the ethos of well-being through experimentation, learning and sharing.

Workshops and Courses range from Art, Textiles, Heritage and Contemporary Crafts, Woodland Crafts, Sculpture, Illustration, Jewellery and much more. All our creative sessions are suitable for over 14's unless otherwise stated.



"As a result of coming on this course I am feeling more positive"

"I can keep on practising mindfulness

which will help me feel grounded in life"

"I have gained new

insights and tools to improve my well-being"

We have a range of courses and sessions that will explore what we mean by well-being and look at a range of tips, techniques and therapies that everyone can use to improve their own well-being.

From Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (C.B.T) to mindfulness, meditation, movement and creativity our sessions give you the tools to develop your own well-being toolkit and the support to begin to make positive changes.




"I have a lovely time

every time I come"

"There's a welcoming atmosphere and we get to know each other each week"

"I am enjoying every moment, also it has been good to meet others and share their interests"

Carers Create is a weekly group on Friday mornings offering creative sessions and trips outs for adults who care for other adults. 

Carers Create is a great place for carers to relax and meet other carers as well as learn a variety of creative skills. This group is suitable for all carers and welcomes the person they care for. 

S2R Create Space is also a part of the Mental Health Partnership, which is a group a community adult mental health services from the voluntary sector, working together to provide a better mental health service in Kirklees.
To find out more about the Mentla HealthPartnership and all the different services, you can view or download a leaflet here.


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