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Our exhibition spaces provides the opportunity for artists to showcase and potentially sell their artwork, raise their profile and increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Working alongside our creative programme, we provide opportunities for the people of Kirklees and surrounding areas, to exhibit their artwork and designs in our gallery spaces. Artists, Designers and Makers can display in spaces for a month or two at a time to showcase and potentially sell their artwork. Exhibitors also learn marketing skills and gain support from other artists. We can provide a pathway for artists to increase their confidence and self-esteem, providing opportunities to volunteer or facilitate workshops and raise their profile, leading to personal progressions in their own creative practice and towards employment.

"We bought two wonderful pieces of art here last year and I can genuinely say we look at them and appreciate them every day. The fact that they additionally provide the support to develop artistic skills in people who never realised their potential is a wonderful thing to be part of.

Thank you and keep creating."

If you would like to exhibit your work or hire an exhibiotion space 


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