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WEvolve 'Where it's at' A5 Project Leaflet-1 copy.jpg
WEvolve 'Where it's at' A5 Project Leaflet.jpg

Working across Huddersfield Central
and North Wards, this project aims to support communities to:

  • Reconnect and reduce loneliness;

  • Build capacity, learn, share and
    develop skills;

  • Access support, information and opportunities;

  • Increase awareness and enhance
    their mental health and wellbeing


Our aim is to improve the mental health, social connectivity and resilience of local residents and support local community groups (both existing and new ones) to build capacity. By being present and accessible in these areas, and working closely with Local Ward Councillors and community facing teams such as Community Plus, Social Prescribers, Schools and Community Centres: we will identify and address gaps and needs.

Did you know that S2R is offering free wellbeing and suicide prevention training sessions
to Kirklees-based community groups, charities or businesses and Kirklees Council staff?

WEvolve MoYM A5 Leaflet v2-1 copy.jpg
WEvolve MoYM A5 Leaflet v2-2 copy.jpg

To find out more information about our free training sessions, or to make a booking,
please email or call 01484 539 531

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