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Money on Your Mind Suicide Prevention Project

Find independent financial advice and
mental health support that’s local to you...


By raising awareness of both the debt management and mental health support
that is available locally, we are aiming to encourage a wide range of businesses
and organisations in Huddersfield to reach
out to men who are struggling and help
them to access the support that they need.


This project is part of the ongoing
suicide prevention work that is taking
place in Kirklees as well as regionally.


Our aim is to raise awareness of the
wide range of support available, and in
doing so prevent men with debt or
mental health problems attempting to,
or actually taking their own lives.

If you have money problems, or are struggling to cope with growing debts... Or you are feeling anxious or depressed and your mental health is suffering... Would you know where to turn to for help and support?


There are lots of local organisations that can help with things like debt and money advice, and support with improving mental health and wellbeing:

Did you know that S2R is offering free suicide prevention and wellbeing training sessions
to Kirklees-based community groups, charities or businesses and Kirklees Council staff?

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To find out more information about our free training sessions, or to make a booking please email or

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