Projects currently being run by S2R Support to Recovery: 

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Dewsbury: Your Health in Mind
Bringing together a Dewsbury-wide project, for you and your community, aimed at supporting emotional health and wellbeing for Dewsbury people.
Dewsbury: Your Health in Mind project is here to reinvigorate you and your community by helping you to access and enjoy the amazing, green open spaces in your area and introducing you to a range of activities that will boost your physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

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By raising awareness of both the debt management and mental health support that is available locally, the MON£Y ON YOUR MIND project aims to encourage a wide range of businesses and organisations in Huddersfield to reach out to men who are struggling, help them to access the support that they need, and
doing so prevent men with debt or mental health problems attempting to,
or actually taking their own lives.

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Connecting people with nature as part of a group is a great way to improve emotional and physical wellbeing, reduce anxiety and help create social connections. THE GREAT OUTDOORS PROJECT offers adults in Kirklees
the chance to take their first steps into nature, explore their relationship with
the outdoors, interact and contribute on practical outdoor tasks, express themselves creatively and to be active in the biggest gym possible.

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A Community Connection project working across Huddersfield Central and North Wards, the WEvolve: WHERE IT'S AT project aims to support communities to; reconnect and reduce loneliness; build capacity, learn, share and develop skills; access support, information and opportunities; increase awareness and enhance their mental health and wellbeing.