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Dewsbury Walking Guides
Walking is a great way to improve wellbeing. It can help to improve our mood and sleep patterns, reduce levels of stress and anxiety and improve our confidence and self-esteem, as well as having physical benefits such as lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of diabetes.

Last year, we produced three walking guides covering Dewsbury South, East and West wards, each containing route guides for short walks, longer walks and walks ideal for commuters in each area. So why not take a look at the guides below
, then grab your coat and start exploring!

Dewsbury West Walk Leaflet v2-1 copy.jpg
Dewsbury East Walk Leaflet-1 copy.jpg
Dewsbury South Walk Leaflet v5-1 copy.jpg

Looking for some more outdoors inspiration?
There are lots of other beautiful green spaces hidden in and around the Dewsbury area too, including; Dewsbury Country Park, Crow Nest Park, Caulm's Wood and many others besides. Click any icon on the map below to discover new places, paths and things to do in the Dewsbury area or have a look at our video guides to two lovely parks in and around Dewsbury.

Rectory Park 
A guide to all the sights and activities available at Rectory Park.

Dewsbury Country Park 
One of our favourite walks, starting at Dewsbury Country Park.

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