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Active Birkby Club

Active Birkby Club is a place where you can find out about upcoming events and activities happening in Birkby that can help you to be a bit more active. You can also keep up to date on all the latest news on our Active Birkby Club Facebook page.

Active Birkby Club Evening Walks
Join us every Thursday in May for a gentle evening stroll exploring the green spaces of Birkby from 7 - 8.30pm. Come along, stretch your legs after tea and set yourself up for a good night’s sleep. Please wear clothing and footwear suitable for walking.

For more info or to book your place on one or more walks, email: or call: 07933 358800.

Regularly taking part in an activity like walking is so good for you. It can burn calories, lower your blood sugar, ease joint pains, boost your immune system and it also gets you outside and into nature which can give your mental health and wellbeing a boost too!

You can walk pretty much anywhere that has a path, but to help you get started, here are a couple of our favourite walks along the Grimescar Valley:

Short Grimescar Dyke Walk 2.1KM.JPG

Short Grimescar Dyke Walk
Distance: 2.1 km (1.3 miles approximately)

Download a .GPX file for this route

Grimescar 5Km.png

Grimescar Valley from Norman Park Walk
Distance: 5 km (3 miles approximately)

Download a .GPX file for this route

During lockdown, we also created a video guide to this walk which you can watch here on our Facebook page.

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