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Are you interested in helping out at S2R?

We run a wide range of different projects which can be loosely put together in the following groups:

  • The Great Outdoors Project

  • Arts and Craft sessions and courses

  • One off events such as exhibitions and celebrations etc

There are many different ways that people can help us to deliver our services. People can share our information on social media, raise funds for us, help out at a particular event or can join S2R and fulfill one of our helping roles.

Unfortunately, we can only support a limited number of roles at a given time so we can’t always find a place for everyone. If we can’t find a role for you this is no reflection on you and if you wish we can put you in touch with other local organisations who can help you find the right opportunity.

Helping Roles

Your first Step towards helping at S2R will be to participate in some of our activities as this is the best way to understand what we do and how we work. In most cases we will ask you to do this before we look at allocating you a helping role. To find out about or book onto any of our upcoming sessions please see our What's On page.

The type of helping role we may offer you will depend on your interests, training, skills and level of experience.

The main roles we have at S2R are:

- Peer Supporter

- Champion

- Micro – Volunteer

- Placement Student

- Volunteer

- Trustee




What to do next

If you have read through the information leaflet and are still interested in helping at S2R please complete one of our application forms and return it to reception. All helpers will receive appropriate support and supervision and will be supplied with appropriate equipment to fulfill their role. S2R will strive to make your experience with us a beneficial one that will improve your wellbeing whilst you are here and hopefully support you to develop some new skills and abilities.

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