The Great Outdoors Project:

Helping You to Thrive in Nature

We know from independent research and the testimony of our own participants, that
connecting people with nature as part of a group in an outdoor activity or an indoor workshop
is a great way to improve emotional and physical wellbeing, reduce anxiety, create social connections and learn about both ourselves and the natural world.


The Great Outdoors Project offers adults in Kirklees the chance to take their first steps into nature
on our taster courses; to explore their relationship with the outdoors on mindful walks and through
the direct experience of open spaces; to interact and contribute on practical tasks at our Community Allotment; to express themselves creatively using eco-crafts, natural art, and photography and to
be active and enjoy themselves by walking and running in the biggest gym possible.

Outdoor Wellbeing Session

 "This is my favourite 
fplace to walk. I love 
fthis place." 

 "This is my first time growing 
fplants on my own... it's 
freally rewarding." 

 "It's really opened my eyes 
fto how much fun it is to 
fgrow things from seeds." 

Listen to how being outdoors has impacted Charlotte's life...

Workshop Videos

We have created a variety of online videos, tutorials and workshops for you to enjoy.
You will find all our videos and our specialised playlists on our Facebook page.

See our June Schedule for all of our upcoming face-to-face sessions, creative workshops
and some more of our
brilliant Facebook and Zoom sessions too.