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An Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

2 Mindfulness of BreathingS2R
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3 The Body ScanS2R
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Week 1 - What is Mindfulness (14 min video)

“Mindfulness is the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally” Jon Kabat-Zinn


Mindfulness meditations are ancient practices which helps us to become present. The practices help us to notice when we are dwelling on the past or imagining the future and invite us to choose to bring our attention back to this moment, right now. It is also a training in accepting the present moment however it is and letting go of any ideas of how it should be different.

Week 2 - Mindfulness of breathing (20 min video)

This is a sitting meditation. The guided audio only meditation lasts for 12 minutes.

  • Come to sit with an erect and alert posture

  • Take 3 deep breaths and, with the eyes closed, scan the body for tension and release

  • Bringing the attention to the breath at the belly or the nostrils. Not trying to control it in any way, just observing it.

  • Be with the breath for the full inhalation and the full exhalation for approx. 10 minutes.

  • When the mind wanders, as it will, simply note where it has gone and gently escort it back to the breath.

Week 3 - The Body Scan (13min video)

This is a lying down meditation. The guided audio lasts for 27 minutes.

  • Lying down on a blanket, rug or on a bed

  • With the eyes closed bring attention to your body as a whole

  • Starting with the left foot bring mindful attention to each region of the body in turn. (left leg, right leg, pelvis, lower back, abdomen, chest, upper back, both hands and arms, up the shoulders, neck and finally head)

  • Note any and all sensations in all regions, including any thoughts that arise. When the mind wanders bring the attention gently back to the area you were last scanning.

  • To move from one area to another take a deep breath into and out from the area you are with and let go of it from your awareness

  • Before arising from meditation take a few breaths through the whole body from the top of the head, out through the toes and back again.

Week 4 - Three Minute Breathing Space (13min video)

You can do this meditation in any posture you choose. The recording lasts for 6 minutes.

  • Allow your body to become still and close the eyes if possible. Take note of how you are feeling, what thoughts are present, what are the sensations in your body

  • Focus your attention on the breath for 1 minute

  • Expand your awareness to the whole body taking in any and all sensations. Breathing into and out from the whole body.

  • As you finish, as yourself how you can best take care of yourself right now.

4 Three Minute Breathing SpaceS2R
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Week 5 - Mindful Movement (12min video)

This is a moving meditation from a standing posture. It lasts for 18 minutes

  • Standing in a balanced upright posture

  • Bringing your attention to your breath

  • Follow the instructions and gently stretching the body

  • Keeping you attention on the changing sensations in the body

  • Just working “up to your edges”

  • Accepting the limits of your body with non-judgemental awareness

5 Mindful movementS2R
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6 Sounds & thoughts meditationS2R
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Week 6 - Sounds and Thoughts meditation (15min video)

This is a sitting meditation. It lasts for 20 minutes

  • Spend some time sitting with the breath, as with the breath meditation

  • Slowly expand the awareness to take in the whole body

  • When you are ready move your attention to hearing and notice all sounds you can hear right now. Notice the tendency to label sound. Notice how quickly you add a story to them. Try and notice the space that surrounds the sounds

  • Now, when you are ready, bring the same awareness to your thoughts. You can imagine the mind is vast and open and spacious like the blue of the sky and the thoughts are like clouds passing through. If you get caught up in the thoughts, return to the breath until you are ready to continue to observe thoughts simply passing by

  • Bring your attention solely to the breath for a while before arising from meditation.

7 Mountain meditationS2R
00:00 / 11:33

Week 7 - Mountain Meditation (13min video)

This is a sitting meditation. It lasts for 12 minutes.

  • Spend a few minutes with the breath, becoming centred, becoming still

  • Then bring to your mind’s eye the most beautiful mountain you have ever seen or can imagine

  • Take your time noticing its qualities and characteristics

  • When you are ready, bring the mountain inside you. Become the mountain. Rooted in the earth, unmoving. Head rising, like the lofty peak

  • Notice how everything around the mountain changes, the weather, day & night, the seasons. Notice how people come and go, but the mountain remains, still and majestic.

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