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Bringing together a Dewsbury-wide project, for you and your community, aimed at
supporting emotional health and wellbeing for Dewsbury people. Try outdoor and indoor
activities, link up with others, lend a hand to help out or share your skills.


This project is here
to reinvigorate you and
your community by helping you to access and enjoy
the amazing, green open spaces in your area.
We can introduce you to a range of activities you can take part in that will boost your physical, emotional
and social wellbeing.

There are lots of beautiful green spaces hidden in and around the Dewsbury area including:
Dewsbury Country Park, Crow Nest Park, Caulm's Wood and many others besides...





Click any icon on the map below to discover new places, paths and things to do in the Dewsbury area...

Looking for some outdoors inspiration?

Check out our video guides showcasing some of the many different parks and outdoor spaces in and
Dewsbury, or follow one of our favourite local walking routes and discover somewhere new.

Rectory Park 

A guide to all the sights and activities available at Rectory Park.

Our Favourite Walks 

One of our favourite walks, starting at Dewsbury Country Park.

Here's what's coming up in August...
Do you fancy joining some FREE outdoor fitness sessions, getting involved in local community projects or taking part in some online crafting sessions? If the answer is yes then take a look at our August edition of the Dewsbury: Your Health in Mind schedule and send us an email or call/text us on 07895 510 433 to book your place on a session.

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Crow Nest Park 

A guide to all the sights and activities available at Crow Nest Park.

Join our Facebook Group...

If you'd like to seek out and share the beautiful, natural spaces in and around Dewsbury, or you're
searching for the rare and elusive Wild Dewsberries, then join our Facebook group and help us to learn, share and enjoy some wild adventures together!